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Making process and steps of exposed luminous characters


The editor of Jing the Auspicious modifies and reorganizes the making process and steps of exposed luminous characters, for reference only.
Making process of exposed luminous characters
1.Punch the hole with machine for the whole plate (set the hole size according to the LED size);
2. Weld a three-dimensional edge for the carved words (the process is the same as the way of making baking varnished words); 
3. Polish characters’ corners. No glitches;  
4. Baking varnish;  
5. Install the waterproof string lights of LED lights (which refers to the way now many manufacturers do: make the waterproof string lights with a rubber sleeve, relatively easy to maintain). 
Making method and steps of exposed luminous characters
1.Tools for the LED outdoor signs: 30W or 40W soldering iron, solder, drill, glue gun, screwdrivers, etc. 
2.Other materials for the LED outdoor signs: paint metal forming words, wires, LED specialized power (DC5V).
3. Drilling: fix the metal words at the right place with the drill hole (9mm); the distance is set due to the height and cost of outdoor sign. The general LED center spacing is: 10-30mm. The smaller the spacing is, the higher the brightness is, and the higher the cost is.   
4. Insert lights: clean up the drilled hole and put lights one by one.   
5. Connection: America cubic identifies company has a waterproof LED light string, each with reserved thread. Usually the red thread is connected to the positive power; and the black thread is connected to the negative power. Power is best placed in the water supply tank.  
6. Test of aging: After connecting all the LED, check those do not shine. And then do the aging test for 48 hours.   
7. Transport to site and install the scaffolding.
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