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Four advantages of LED exposed luminous characters



At present, as people increasingly pay attention to environmental protection and energy conservation, being a choice for lighting, LED becomes more popular in China. And the LED display manufacturers Jing the Auspicious releases four advantages of exposed luminous characters.
1. Waterproof, energy-saving and safe: as is well known to all, the LED luminous characters cost low power consumption. Because the output voltage is low, it is safer. Because the light source of our LED luminous characters we use is waterproof, it can be used during rainy days and other weather, without having to worry about burning out.
2. Unlimited size: Generally speaking, inside luminous characters are restricted by the blister machine, with many characters being spliced, which diminish the beauty of characters. Usually bended and cut by plasma, LED exposed characters are not subject to the limitation of the size of the machine. With no stitching, the characters are more beautiful.
3. Out of the limitation of the characters’ color: generally inside luminous characters are restricted by the organic panels. For instance, the red plastic characters is put a red light inside and also issues red light. While exposed luminous characters exhibit in another way. One can bake the character into various colors. And whatever color you need the light to shine is not influenced by the bottom character at all. Also, because characters are high from the ground, the LED lights do not significantly expose in daytime.
4. Easy to maintain: LED lights are rarely broken, but if you encounter the situation of poor contact line, the lights should be repaired. And the repair for exposed luminous characters only requires the worker pulls out the broken light from the front side. As for the repair of inside luminous characters, those characters should be separated first and then changed into new modules. The broken characters can only be correctly installed by this way.
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