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Smart Control Technology: Development Trend of LED Illumination


The LED illumination advances at a high speed. And the advertisements and the factories are of varying quality. So in the era of increasing luminous characters in the light media, how would LED develop? Here are the explanations of Changsha Jing the Auspicious Light Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
LED control technology has developed from the initial simple constant-current control to the present SCR modulation, PWM modulation, section modulation and modulation of other protocols like DMX512, DALI and ZigBee. And the modulation mode has also developed from the early by-wire technique to short-distance wireless control of IR, FR and WiFi and cloud control based on the the internet of things.
The traditional SCR DIMMER is mainly used in incandescent lamp and the energy saving lamp cannot be modulated for boost topology. But with the advent of LED, there is possibility of modulation. Several series dimmer power have been developed according to different light modulators of specific countries. The targeted design can help to match light modulators of different countries well.
SCR modulation is an inevitable control mode as LED illumination replaces incandescent lamp. The only way to energy saving transformation is making LED illuminating products compatible with SCR modulation. But the modulation method of SCR modulator is to cut off part sinusoidal alternating current waveform that supplies bulb. Therefore, the power factor of the SCR modulated bulb is always lower than 0.5. Here is one point that deserves attention. The power factor is an important indicator of power efficiency and power quality. No product can cause such huge losses to power factor and current waveform like SCR modulator.
In terms of current cost structure, the cost of LED modulation is still too high. And with respect to material cost, suppose the purchase price of non-modulation IC is RMB N, the purchase price of domestic IC with the function of modulation would RMB 3N-5N and the imported IC would be RMB 6N-10N. The hidden reason of such a high cost is the large number of peripheral components that helps to modulate IC and the small demand of LED power with modulation. If IC accounts for 18%-25% of the total cost of LED power, the cost price of LED power with modulation can be imagined.
According to the statistics that we acquire, the LED modulation products are mainly used in 30W or below ceiling light, down lamp and bulb. The modulation of panel light is between 30-60W and the usage is increasing. It develops in the direction of more compatible, much smoother and non-trip modulation.
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