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S type flexible strip for small letters or super slim light box ,each 3 leds can be cut


Application:It is used for resin luminous characters,collective letters and metal plane letters which are collective luminous letters since it is small and with little heat.It is recommended to use in small letters.

Product features:
a. The light source is 2835 LED with power 0.1W or 0.2W.
b. Using the flexible plate which is convenient for upright stick wall installation, can be arbitrarily curved, can be arbitrary fixed on the concave and convex surface;
c. Every 3 leds can be composed of one a loop ,can be cut along above tangent and no damage to any other part;
d. 10m as a roll a chuck, packaged into anti static bag.
e. Input voltage is DC12V.
f. With low current which insures low heat.
g.All colors can be available .

Product parameter:

Note: Other colors are available,(R,G,B,Y)


Product structure:


Install method :Using 3M double-sided tape to paste.
Cascade can be cut :Each group for 3 leds can be cut.
Quality guarantee: Quality assurance is 2 years or 10000 hours.




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