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Product Picture

Model: JRL3S


Product Structure

Product Description

1.Advertising signs back lighting
2.LOGO & Letters back lighting
3.Advertising Light boxes and billboards back lighting
4.Landscape, commercial, home and stage decoration
It is used for plastic characters, metal letters,plane letters , black and white board and light boxes,especially for 6 ~ 16cm thickness of the signage lighting.


Product features

a. High brightness SMD 2835 LED with low heat,VF=9V 2835 , more stable .
b. Beautiful siamese lens with 170 degree viewing angle.
c. Radiating materials for case with low heat, better stability and strength than common PVC case.
d. Aluminum PCB with better heat-cooling.Circuit connection is made by welding process, strong and stable than other ways.
e. Blue slim back glue ,specially for heat-cooling.
f. Moisture-proof, water-proof,dust proof and impact resistance.
g. Professional multi-optic design,best brightness,no bright dots. Lighting average is larger much than normal modules.
h. IP67 protection level.
i.Nice structure and injection molding process. Remarkable multiple optic technique.
j. RoHS standard of all raw materials.
k.Long lifespan and low failure rate.
l.Good ability of weather resistance



Install method :a.Using 3M tap and silicon sealant or plastisol to fix it .
b.Using screw to fix it .
Cascade can be cut :Single module can be cut.
Quality guarantee: Quality assurance is 5 years or 50000 hours.



a.Basic parameters


 b.Photoelectric parameters



Viewing Angle


Recommended Solution

Note: The following parameters are based on the standard of 3mm thickness white acrylic with light transmittance 70%.



Note: The above parameters for reference of measurement are all based on the white light with white acrylic since the difference of the light transmittance and the thickness of acrylic could lead to different data.



1. Using anti-static bag for inner packing,standard double corrugated box for outside packaging;
2. Carton size :500mm*270mm*250mm;


Note: The main wire can not be more than 2.5m for each 4m² range.



1.20pcs/chain;5 chains 100pcs/bag; 10bags 1000pcs/carton;

2.Net Weight: 10.7kg/carton (+-5%);

3. Gross Weight: 11.6kg/carton (+-5%);

4. Can make customer logo on carton;


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